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Rooms & Rates

Garden Bridge House has 3 rooms available. However, we are able to rent a combination of these rooms to better suit your needs. The Family/All Of Upstairs option provides both the Captain's Room as well as the Mountain View Room. This combination allows for 4 guests to have private access to the entirety of the upstairs including a custom kitchen with all amenities as well as a newly furnished living area. The breathtaking deck comes with the rental of the Captain's room and the Mountain View Room.

The Garden View Room is in a separate part of the house and comfortably meets the needs of 2 guests. It is located on the ground level and has access to a 4 piece bath that has a shower only. There is no access to the upstairs amenities when rented on its own. If the Garden View Room is rented as part of a package with the upstairs room then the guests get full access to the upstairs as well.

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